Show reviews

Lindsey O’Neil Edinburgh Amazing voices on showcase!
Jerry Kurth New York Incredibly energetic!
Yvonne Darragh Cardiff I’ve seen them all and this is the best!
Trish Darcey Wellington Such Talent belongs on a world stage and I’ll be in the front row!
Harold & Betty Watling Toronto Marvellous way to start a holiday/spend a night!
Sue Stallings USA My heart will go on in irish gave me chills, amazing show!
Pam & Jerry Luke Texas Strong, powerful and endless passion from start to finish.
Veronica O’ Rourke Boston From the lighting to the tapping, this show captivates all the senses
Barbara Philips Dublin A Perfect 10 and such a fresh take on celtic performances!
Betty Backaws Perth I loved it, what am amazing show!
Joe Fisher Calgary Extremely exciting Dancing
Sandra Hogan USA The highlight of our trip, I want more!
Sinead Byrne Malaysia (KL) There’s something for everyone on stage at Celtic Rising!
Aisling Byrne Malaysia(KL) I never knew Irish dancing could be this sexy!
Tom Fox Newcastle Never have I been to such an engaging professional production!
Devika Narula Delhi, India An elating experience
Ion Cioringa Bucharest, Romania Brilliant, so naturally entertaining
Christine Buckley Melbourne, Australia Fantastically dynamic show
Pat Burget Maryland, USA Really loved the new interpretation of dancing
Rose McNally London, England Second to none, excellent show
Wai Ling Sung Chongqing , Peoples Republic of China Great honour to see such a wonderful show
Sylvia Franke Wyoming, USA I wanna see it again & again & again…Excellent show
Annie Donaldson Brisbane, Australia Full of life, I wanted to be part of it. History brought to the moment. Felt the singing in my heart. Top of its class.
Aduviri Poleek Lima, Peru I’ve seen nothing like this and loved every minute.
Sanna Karlsonn Stockholm, Sweden Absolutely World class and I want the costumes, Their amazing.
Julie Smith Belfast, Ireland/UK Irish music, song and dance as it should be…at it best.
Darryl Cazabon Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago . Didn’t expect such a fantastic show- I loved it
Peggie Folterman New Jersey, USA Stupendous show
Katherine Hession Pretoria South Africa Made my trip to Ireland stand out. Fabulous show with a stunning cast.
Barbara Titov Saint Petersburg A great change from the usual performances. I loved the energy from the Band-Amazing
Micael Kleb Munich Hugely entertaing
Gloria O’ Brien San Francisco Outstanding, Amazing
Catherine Mirchell Australia Riverdance better watch out
Susan Ryle Washington I’ve never seen anything like this before, amazingly wonderful.
Michael Downes Dublin Mighty Musicians on show
Barbara Tousey USA A gorgeous performance
James Roy Michigan I just wanted to jump onstage and join in!
Sarah Madigan Melbourne Tantalising Talent
Hala F. Asfar Dubai I did not want it to end, the dancing, song and music was so so wonderful!
Matt Broe Boston My whole family, kids included, didn’t take an eye offstage!
Stacey Stevens L.A I’m from tinsel town and this was a very welcome change-please come visit!
Marc Theron Cape Town This was the perfect introduction to Irish Song and dance…Top class
Mary Grace USA Amazing Dancing
Patti Buckley Darwin The Band are Fabulous
Gerard Watson Rapid City(USA) The best show I’ve seen in a long time, loved them!
Katherine Hession Pretoria, South Africa Made my trip to Ireland stand out. Fabulous show with a stunning cast.
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